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Lorain Ohio Charter Fishing

Three lil Birds Charters

Spitzer Marina

Lorain, Ohio

Walleye or Perch Charters

Lake Erie Fishing Report:
NONE, just prepping for 2024 season.  Looking like the beginning of May I (better stated the boat) will be ready.  

Lake Erie Current Conditions
Station 45005 (LLNR 5555)
WEST ERIE - 16 NM NW of Lorain, OH

Lake Erie Wave Forecast


It's snowing out!

lake erie charter walleye
lake erie charter walleye
Lake Erie walleye fishing

Three lil Birds Charters is located in Lorain Ohio.  The proximity to the greater Cleveland area enables customers to spend less time driving and more time enjoying their time on or near the water.

Lake Erie, the walleye capital of the world!  And it has never been more evident than what is happening this year.  With great hatches from 2015-2019 limits have been steady.  Running out of the Black River in Lorain, Ohio, means most of the time I troll for walleye.  BUT like I said the walleye numbers are so great we now even have good luck drifting with worm harnesses and even going ol' school, Erie Dearies.  

Lake Erie also has another prized fish, yellow perch.  Over the past few years the perch fishing has been tough in the central basin.  First, the hatches in this area has been weak.  Second, shiners have been hard to come by during the peak perch season (fall).  I will say everyone loves to fish and eat yellow perch.  I can tell someone the walleye fishing is unbelievable.  They will follow that up with, "But can we go for perch?"  Even on vacation in Fort Myers, Florida, I find Lake Erie yellow perch on restaurant menus.  

Many Lake Erie fishing charters show much disdain for the other fish swimming in Lake Erie.  I on the other hand have to give props to the other fish we run into.  Many are considered junk fish and are not as well-loved.  Personally I do appreciate fighting a giant drum, a toad of a catfish and even a fat white bass.  Even a small little goby I find, for a lack of a better word, cute.

As a Lake Erie Charter Captain I am licensed by the USCG and ODNR, have first aid training, and belong to the USCG drug consortium.


Lake Erie Walleye
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